Worst Natalie Portman Fan EVER!!!

I am a fan of Natalie Portman.  I seek out her work and attempt to watch her performances, and now directorial efforts.

So why am I the worst of her fans.  Many reasons, but here are some examples:


Example 1:

While I realized that she had gotten married, I did not realize she was pregnant until I heard she had a baby.  I do not know the name of her child, assuming she only has the one.

Example 2:

When I went to look up some information on the Star Wars movies she was (MIS)cast in on IMDB, I found out she had been in 3 other movies I was unaware she had been in.  (And thus I haven’t yet seen them as of this writing.)

I really am not worried about her personal life, except that she is vegetarian.  That only matters if she ever actually accepted going to dinner with me.  So there is a good chance it will not matter at all.   Well, if I could get her to commit to be in a movie I am writing it might matter…..

The fact is, that while she was in movies that were mainstream success, like Black Swan, I love her in movies like Hesher.  I loved her in Closer and Your Highness.  I honestly believe that she has yet to really push her ability in a role.  I think she has talent that we have yet to see if that role ever appears for her.

But I have no idea what she eats for breakfast, what her favorite color is, and I don’t care.

Thus, while a Natalie Portman fan, I am the worst Natalie Portman fan ever.